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21 Day Challenge Day 6!

The song of the day is Excellent by Martha Munizzi! Click here to watch that! It’s such a great upbeat song.

I’m so spiritually refreshed already and it’s only been 6 days of this challenge. God is honestly using these challenges to really help me grow. I was telling a friend that I felt God wanted me to do these challenges because I’m being prepared for something big! I can just feel it. If you’re doing it too, make sure that you spend at least 21 minutes each day with God, and also mark an X on your calendar each day.

This morning I’m reading in 1 Samuel 1 and 2 about the story of Hannah. Hannah was barren and cried out to God for a child. I think this is an example of persistence in the Bible, when someone goes to God over and over again until He blesses them with what they prayed for. Once Hannah promised to dedicate her baby to the Lord, she was no longer barren. I pray that God helps me to be willing to give everything I have in order to please Him.

Don’t forget to send me any prayer requests!


Angela xoxo

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