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Another one: 21 Day Challenge

Major πŸ”‘ alert!! After you complete one challenge, you gotta keep going.

There’s been a lot on my mind lately. Life is great, and I’m so thankful for all I have. Yet, I have this hunger for more. This desire to go to the next level in my life. I don’t know about you, but the five day challenge gave me a needed spiritual boost. I’m ready for a new and greater challenge. Raise your hand βœ‹ if you’re with me!

This challenge will be much tougher than the last, but I truly believe God laid it on my heart. Let’s do a 21 prayer/ quiet time challenge. For the next 21 days ( I actually started today) let’s spend at least 21 minutes with God. Super gimmicky I know, but it’s easy to do and remember.

I’ll post a verse and a worship song each day. The rest is up to you whether you want to pray or worship that day. Just make sure you get all your time in. I have a calendar in my room that I’ll make an X on to mark each day I complete the challenge. Maybe you can make a note each day on your phone once you’re done. After 21 days of this, hopefully we will have started a habit that will last a lifetime.




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