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A Work in Progress

Why don’t I dream of being a better person? Why don’t I dream of bringing people to Christ? Why don’t I ever dream grand visions of preaching Christ to millions of people?

I sometimes wonder if my priorities are in order. Do I care about the things that matter most?

I ask myself this as I look on the Audi website and drool over their beautiful new midsize SUVs. I’ve always had a taste for the finer things in life. Literally since I was a kid. I remember arguing with my uncle when I was six years old about one day having a mansion with servants and lots of kids with a nanny. My family was nowhere near rich, we lived in a modest home in Capitol Heights, Md at the time.

It must have been movies I watched or something like that, but I’ve always wanted MORE! When I was a teenager I heard Pastor Andy Stanley’s prayer based on a Psalm that God not allow him to get too rich so that he won’t become greedy. Something like that. In my immaturity I immediately thought about how stupid he was to say that. Being rich doesn’t mean being greedy, yet the Bible warns the rich that getting to heaven will be much more difficult.

I’ve learned to value family more and friends more and work and success less. I’ve always wanted more for me and my family, but I understand that God will not only provide for me, but for them too. He will take care of us. He will take care of you. Living lavishly is nice, but it doesn’t replace nor even come close to the value of a close relationship with God. Stuff doesn’t matter in light of eternity. Those Louboutins will not mean anything when you’re dead (and they probably won’t fit.

So I’m refocusing my plans for my life, to seek God’s glory instead of riches or even fame (who wants to be famous anyway?). My trust is in God for everything, and I know that wherever He leads me that my most essential needs will be met.

God’s plan for us is always amazing and far beyond what we could ever ask or think, but sometimes our destiny is scary too. It’s something totally out of our comfort zone and priorities. You may want to be a megachurch pastor, but God may want you to be a missionary in a third world country. You may want to be the next Beyonce, but God may want you to lead worship at a local church. Although being Beyonce sounds more glamorous and amazing than leading worship, fulfilling God’s plan will be much more rewarding.

So many of my blogs are God talking to me and admonishing or instructing me on an issue. I apologize if it sounds like I’m preaching at you, but as I write and contemplate, God is preaching and teaching me. None of these blogs I write are areas I have conquered. They are individual cracks in Angela’s surface that I’m working on. But I’ve got a lot of life to live, and a lot of cracks for Jesus to fill in while I’m here on this earth. We are all a work in progress.



P.S. here is a nice blog my mom sent me about understanding true beauty in Christ :



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Happiness eludes me

Anyone that knows me, knows I’m pretty mellow. I’m never to low, nor too high. Too sad or too happy. There has always been apart of me that can think too deeply, and get myself in a bit of a funk. I found out recently that my secondary temperament is melancholy, and everything made sense! I woke up this morning dreaming of something better. Dreaming of the life that I want. But my heart is afraid to believe for something better. Shouldn’t I just be happy with what I have now? What I’ve accomplished? Nope. Not Angela.

I hope today that you’ll avoid the traps I oftentimes fall in. Traps of comparison and self criticism. Accept you and where you are, while making a plan and taking steps to do better. I may get low, but I pull myself out of the slump by planning for the future, which gives me hope. My life verse is Romans 5:3-5.

“And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope. Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.”
Romans 5:3‭-‬5 NKJV

I first read that verse when I was going through some things in college. It really helped me to stay positive. Did you know that going through trials eventually will produce hope? That testing has a purpose in our lives? It’s true!

Do you have a life verse?  A Bible passage that you cling to that encourages you in tough times?  I hope today that you determine to find one. Ask God to help you find encouragement in His Word to help you get through what you’re going through. Whether it’s boyfriend problems or issues at work. There’s an answer for you, and there’s guidance for your situation. God is a great and gentle guide to lost sheep. He’s helped me out of many a situation that I’ve gotten myself into. And He’s helped me turn my life around, into something I can be proud of.

I get so tired of the expectations. I wish I could be free from carrying the responsibility in my life. I see so many others doing whatever they want, and they seem to be happy and successful. People stealing and cheating to get ahead. But I realized that the wicked will only get so far. God doesn’t bless them or protect them. They are on their own. They are untrustworthy and therefore cannot trust others. I’ve learned not to let people like that steal my happiness. This blog is started to sound like a Psalm! I understand David so much more now that I’m older! If girls are gossipping and mistreating you, or people are treating you as if you don’t matter, remember this. Karma is not a Biblical concept, but the Bible does talk about seeds and fruit. You will reap what you plant. So regardless of the way people treat you, continue to trust in God and plant good seeds, and you will reap goodness, a good harvest in return.

I won’t take up anymore of your time. I pray for you all every morning! That you’re happy and successful, and always remember and are firm that God loves you unconditionally. Thank you to all who pray for me as well. Pray for those around you. You never know what they are going through.

Peace and blessings!

Xo Angela


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