Interview with Rachel Gilder!

Greetings ladies,

It is such a pleasure to be writing again. I hope that we continue to pray for each other, because it’s hard out here being a single young woman! I’ve had some really low, lonely moments lately. Why are the young men my age looking for relationships? Too many seem to enjoy playing games. But be encouraged. I constantly have to remind myself that God has someone out there for me, and that a relationship with an idiot is a waste of my time (and yours).

I follow a young lady named Rachel G. on Insta (i_amrachelg) and she is so amazing! She is so down to earth and seeks to encourage women to walk in their purpose. No wonder she has over 50,000 followers. I am so grateful that she is my first interview for YWA blog. Read my interview with her below.

What’s your salvation story?

I was born in the Church of God in Christ. Going to church every day was a bore for me. I said that I would never go to church but on Sunday when I grew up. So I ran from God as I had promised myself. I went through struggles due to it. I smoked weed, popped pills, got drunk, sipped cough medicine. I ended up in a relationship I was not raised to be in and found myself high on pills in our bedroom. I walked past the Bible high one day and opened it up and all that was taught to me came back immediately.

Were you saved as a child at vacation Bible school or later in life?

I was saved by words but my mind and actions were far from it. In my 20’s I got saved for real.

Why are you so dedicated in your walk with God when you could be living however you want?

I am dedicated because I owe God my life. Everything that God has brought through, the world must know that God did it again for me. Who I am and everything that I do is because of God. I am no good on my own! Do you ever feel living for God is inconvenient or unnecessary since you’re young and single? I feel that young or old singles need to know that being in the time of their process is necessary and relevant. Thinking otherwise hinders their process. I tell my clients all the time that if you are single now, that is a sign that you are not prepared. So instead questioning God, question yourself and make sure you are ready to be a wife or husband.

How long have you been single, and what lessons have you learned about dating and remaining godly in relationships?

I will speak on my past relationship rather than where I am currently. I was married for 4 years and we had 2 children. Married for 2 and separated for 2 years. What I would tell any person is that marriage is serious and it is not just an action of entitlement. Marriage is to be consulted by God, well before you even get married. Dating is who you allow in yours and God’s space, and requires Gods approval. Who you connect with helps or hinders your purpose.

What I went through created purpose, the kind of purpose that allows me to do what I am doing today. I live to help others understand the importance seeking God. Chase and run after God instead of running after love. God told King David that if he takes care of HIS house that God would take care of his. So take care of God’s business and He will align you in your business.

So many women (including me oftentimes) are really discouraged about marriage since it seems most young men today aren’t interested in marriage. What would you say to young women to encourage them to wait for the man God has for them?

In my upcoming book and my current program for singles. I help them answer the question ” I’m Single, Now What?” It is not about being single but it is about what you are doing while you’re single. Are you living on purpose? Are you operating in who God has called you to be? If you are worried about love, then love may never come to you. God will keep you in perfect peace, so if you are not in peace, you need to get in God.

I want to thank Rachel for taking the time to answer these questions. She is such a great example of being a women of God. Go on Instagram and follow her at i_amrachelg, check out her site at, and check out her upcoming radio show on 409 tha heat!

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